Follow your Passion

Everyone has a passion. What ever it may be. From heavy metal to crochet; Antiques to surfing. You know when people are talking about their passion because their eyes usually light up, they are present in the moment and they talk with the excitement of a kid. When we are doing it, it usually makes us feel authentic to who we really are and alive. Edge of Horizon aims to celebrate and inspire these passions.

Unfortunately we don't all get to do our passions for a living, so during our down time a t-shirt, a mug, a poster etc. can help us stay connected and excited about our next outing/session or project.

There are so many interest out there that we know Edge of Horizon can only ever scratch the surface and you can really only create a design for a passion you understand, share or admire. That is why Edge of Horizon is starting off with Mountain Biking, which is one of my passions. But the goal is to serve other passions as we develop and grow. Collaborating with a variety of passion fanatics from different walks of life, along the way.